Climatekk’s goal is to affect positive impact to the climate change crisis by helping governments, non-profit and commercial corporations make informed decisions relative to the financial impacts that climate resiliency brings to both the top and bottom line. To achieve this, Climatekk has developed both software and a methodology that, for the first time, allows leaders to objectively quantify the risks and impact of business decisions on environmental actions as it relates to financial consequence.

To achieve this goal, we have created The CRISPTM (Climate Resiliency Index for a Sustainable Planet) software platform leverages the world’s first quantification and rating methodology to correlate organizational climate and sustainability compliance impact to operational and financial risk.

Climatekk’s Mission: To help companies understand, quantify, and manage climate change risks and their impact to financial integrity.

Climatekk’s CRISPTM Methodology: We aggregate all general corporate and industry specific scoring schemas cross reference to a specific organizations compliance and financial metrics. By doing so, we generate an all-encompassing, easy to understand scoring value (1-1000) that allows executive and financial stakeholders to succinctly understand where the entity stands from a climate risk standpoint and moreover, offers a prioritized remediation path to enhance climate compliance from a financial risk perspective.

Climatekk’s CRISPTM software platform: Designed from the perspective of compliance and prioritized remediation, The CRISPTM leverages the first quantification and rating methodology to correlate organizational climate and sustainability compliance impact to operational and financial risk. The Climatekk’s CRISPTM platform has been built to meet the burgeoning demands that investors are making on organizations relative to climate risk as measured against financial performance and return.

The Climate Risk Challenge for Investors, Creditors & Financial Markets

Investors and financial markets are increasing looking towards organizations to be vigilant in managing the risks associated to our every changing climate and the risks associated to warming oceans, climate and the shifting geophysical dynamics that are associated therein.

To quantify, financial markets and investors are looking for responsible managements and ability to quantify these impacts. This is the purpose of the CRISPTM Score for organizations came to be.

Climatekk generates CRISPTM scores to provide insight to all Business, Management and Financial stakeholders. In doing so we will also provide prioritized remediation recommendations to make a significant improvement on an organization’s climate and sustainability compliance performance and the improvement that associated to fiscal performance.

Additionally, Climatekk can generate CRISPTM Scoring in both a sponsored and unsponsored mode. In our unsponsored mode, Climatekk uses AI algorithms to cull all public and subscribed date to generate a CRISPTM Confidence score. This scoring is exceptionally valuable to all financial investors and government agencies as a point of decision in finalizing transactions regarding financial and operational acuity. In a sponsored mode the CRISPTM Score is generated with full organizational participation to better garner insight and use the data in an actional manner for remediation and operational efficiencies gained by the analytics.