Whitepapers / Research

  • Climate Change and Asset Allocation: A Distinction That Makes a Difference
  • B Jacobsen, E Cheng, W Lee - The Journal of Portfolio …, 2021 - jpm.pm-research.com
  • … Climate Change and Asset Allocation: A Distinction That Makes a Difference … Abstract. It has become generally accepted that climate change affects economic variables such as growth and inflation.

  • Get green or die trying? Carbon risk integration into portfolio management
  • M Görgen, A Jacob, M Nerlinger - The Journal of Portfolio …, 2021 - jpm.pm-research.com
  • [PDF] Weaving a Stronger Fabric: Managing Cascading Risks for the Climate Resilience
  • APDR Network - unescap.org
  • … Translating climate model output to real-life situations and complex risk scenarios is no simple task, but modelling skills have greatly improved in recent decades and should now be used to integrate risk scenarios into more comprehensive systems …

  • Disclosure of Private Environmental Governance Risks
  • MP Vandenbergh - January, 2021 - papers.ssrn.com
  • … 625 (2019)(suggesting a mandatory environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting requirement); Melissa K. Scanlan, Climate Risk Is Investment Risk, JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL LAW & LITIGATION ISSUE, ABA NATURAL RESOURCES & ENVIRONMENT

  • [HTML] COMMENTARY: The DOL ESG Rule: A Chilling Effect on ESG but a Rollback is Likely
  • J Hale - The Journal of Impact and ESG Investing, 2021 - jesg.pm-research.com
  • … 1. A fiduciary may not subordinate the interests of the participants and beneficiaries in their retirement income or financial benefits under the plan to other objectives and may not sacrifice investment return or take on additional investment risk to promote non-pecuniary benefits …

  • The FinTech Wave in the Financial Sector for European Union Countries
  • AN Radu, AM Copaciu - Fostering Innovation and Competitiveness …, 2021 - igi-global.com
  • … The FinTech market indices are computed by taking into account a wide variety of variables such as the level of financial inclusion, the available technology and infrastructure, the ease of starting new business, and the risk factors related to investment climate for all EU …

  • Biden breaks new ground with science team picks
  • J Mervis - 2021 - science.sciencemag.org
  • … Feature. Death detective. Finance and Environment. China can help solve the debt and environmental crises. Human Biology. The human voice, in all its idiosyncratic glory. SCI COMMUN. News at a glance. Climate Change. Increased tropical cyclone risk to coasts.

  • [HTML] Does a Company's Environmental Performance Influence Its Price of Debt Capital? Evidence from the Bond Market
  • MA Chiesa, B McEwen, S Barua - The Journal of Impact and …, 2021 - jesg.pm-research.com
  • Earth, Wind, and Fire: PACE Plays a Vital ESG Role
  • SK Mah - The Journal of Structured Finance, 2021 - jsf.pm-research.com
  • … stack for financing qualified building improvements aimed at addressing climate change and natural disaster concerns. ▪ Interest in new construction and gut rehabilitation commercial PACE has been rising. Four components encapsulate DBRS Morningstar's risk analysis for …

  • Foreign Direct Investments: A Key Factor for Business Globalization
  • D Marjanović, IS Domazet - … , and Social Impacts of Globalization and …, 2021 - igi-global.com
  • … Therefore, the primary task of economic policy makers is to monitor world trends, harmonize domestic regulations and create an investment climate that will … export, it would certainly have the lowest level of liabilities to the market in which it operates, with low risk, minimal control …

  • Practical Applications of ESG Investing: Conceptual Issues 
  • B Cornell - Practical Applications, 2021 - pa.pm-research.com
  • … Still, certain themes prevail through the most well-known indicators, including carbon emissions, climate change effect, pollution, waste disposal … investors include variables other than future consumption; prices deviate from the standard predictions of conventional risk and return …

  • Addressing Financial Risks and Uncertainties Through Financial Literacy Education: Recommendations, Resources, and Results
  • D McKain - Research Anthology on Personal Finance and …, 2021 - igi-global.com
  • … There are many factors to consider when planning financially: the stock market, hyperinflation, and climate change all play roles and are unpredictable … Even in times of normalcy, lack of financial literacy can put individuals at an increased risk of financial instability …

    Climate Risk Standards

    All industries are impacted by climate risk.

    Nearly every industry has set forth a well documented set of compliance methodologies.

    As an example, if we look at Real Estate Development and Management, the following Standards all quantify compliance and financial risk