What We Do?

Climatekk provides a single source of quantification and analysis that climate change has on the financial risk of organizational operation. We offer analytical approaches that aggregate industry data and best practices and marries them with organizational metrics and financial reporting. With use of our patent pending Climatekk Climate Resiliency Index for a Sustainable Planet (CRISPTM) score we are able, for the first time, offer an organization a quantifiable view reflection of an entity’s climate impact, and an objective listing of actionable tasks that can drive tangible remediation efforts that will positively climate risk for the organization and the planet.

Once organizational risk is quantified, Climatekk consulting and professional services can deliver structured change and remediation schema that will provide tangible change that will deliver real climate compliance and surety of process to mitigate the risks of climate to stakeholder value.

What We Believe?

  1. One of the reasons the climate is changing is human activity.
  2. We can reverse the adverse affects of climates change with ingenuity and new technologies.
  3. We believe in helping companies so that we can help the worlds pop to live a better life through analytics, data and insights.
  4. Our mission is to help companies, governments, and non-profits, and other institutions to understand, quantify, and manage the adverse effects of climate change through data and insights.

Our Mission

Mission is to help companies understand, quantify and manage climate change risks. We have assembled a team of professionals from climate change experts, ratings experts, mathematical analysts to accomplish this mission.

Who We Are?

We are an organization with deep expertise in business analytics and the impact that financial risk decisions affect an organization. With deep experience running global F1000 companies as well as long standing entrepreneurial success, we understand the need for analytical insight to address the current climate crisis by uncovering the real impact to business value and operational and shareholder risk.

Our Community

We are bringing the best of computer scientists, mathematicians, climate change experts, risk management experts, and others who are very passionate about reducing the impact of adverse climate change affects. If you believe in our mission, please contact us at: mission@climatekk.com

Management Team

Srik Soogoor


Pete DeNagy


Executive Roles

Ask NASA Climate

Management Team Experience

    Deep industry Domain Expertise.

    60+ years of relevant industry and business leadership experience.

    Nationally recognized thought leaders.

    Multiple Successful startup launches and exits.